Canon EOS M3 or Canon EOS 700D

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Re: Canon EOS M3 or Canon EOS 700D

Coyote_Cody wrote:

You might want to read (use the upper case - real name/letters prevented by infantile word filter on this forum) as well as the forums here for video.

Personally I would stay away from any Canon cam for video, as even the 80D does not have great video, no non PRO 4khd, Canon saves 'decent to great' video for their Pro cinema lines-buy a used C100. said that 80D video is no better than the 5DII, IOW, 5 yrs behind or some such, worse of all brands! does like the Pro line, especially how good the color rendition is, so not anti Canon, just tell it like it is.

I would think there are P&S and some M43 that are your best bet, stay away from Canon unless you have a good reason - lots of lens for one.

BTW, the best video from a NON Dual-Pixel cam is the crop mode using MagicLantern (causes a 3x magnification of lens), for any Canon cam supported, it also allows much higher bit rates than standard. There are Raw vid modes but too much work for a small gain - except for the 5D II/III.


The M2 and 70D both have the 3X crop mode built in natively.  The downside is you end up using a sensor area similar to a 1/1.7" sensor compact camera.

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