Canon EOS M3 or Canon EOS 700D

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Re: Canon EOS M3 or Canon EOS 700D

mikegyver wrote:

For making movies both of the cameras mentioned are quite capable. Lots of factors involved though so it's not exactly cut and dry. Ive seen people make great movies with whatever camera they had while others struggled with every camera. What features are most important to you such as fast autofocus, lenses without an adapter, size etc. I have the original m and love it for the size and quality. With the adaptor and some lenses the size benefit is gone. With something like the 22mm it does great in tight places. You can't go wrong with either camera just comes down to what you want and which one best suits your needs and uses.

I'm sold on smaller cameras even with some limitations since I'm usually doing video in tight spots. For me the m with the 22mm is hard to beat for the price so I'm very happy with.

I'll try to post some video I've taken with the 22mm soon to give you an idea of what it looks like

wow, thats great, I consider to eos m3 because the body is small not as big as dslr camera, but I read many reviews said that eos m3 autofocus is not good, slow, etc. I really want to buy this camera but after read those reviews, I doubt about it.

I'll be waiting for your video, I really want to watch your video. Thank you

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