Am I wrong to get the Panasonic 15mm f1.7 thinking it would do Video well

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Re: Am I wrong to get the Panasonic 15mm f1.7 thinking it would do Video well

luigibenet wrote:

Virtual Photon wrote:

My P15 is coming on Wednesday so I can give it a run with the M1 then. But is it just me or does the P15 seem like an odd choice for live theater. Heck if you've got the nocticron, that seems ideal . . .?

I always use 2 bodies with different focal lengths. It is a reasonable large stage and it is professional theater with sometimes 'interest' lighting. If the show is brightly illuminated, I stick with the 12-40 and 40-150 f2.8's.

BUT if I am told there is a lot of dark scenes I shoot primes, that would be the 15mm (had the 25mm f1.8, but just was not wide enough sometimes) and the 42.5mm f1.2 (although that is sometime a bit short and I have to crop more than I want).

Lots of dance numbers and getting 4-5 dancers mid air is always my goal! :>)

I had and loved the 75mm f1.8, but that is just too long except for half body shots. I used to walk around the entire show, but found a chair in the middle aisle actually works the best. With the 25mm, I would have to run to the back of theater to get a large scene, and with 20-25 on stage at the same time, I still could not get everyone!

Plus if I am not where I want the TG-4 (hiking, beach, etc) I can take the m5II with the grip off and the 15mm and have a pretty small camera to carry......

Two bodies makes sense.  I was actually thinking after I wrote that the 15 might make a lot of sense for dance numbers.  I also get that you are shooting during dress rehearsals which would give you a lot more flexibility.

Seriously, I'd be glad to give the 15 a video workout for you.  Of course if you want to lend me that Noct I could then compare them . . . 

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