Your worst keeper rate?

Started Apr 14, 2016 | Discussions thread
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What is keeper rate?

Keeper rate is a silly term that has been invented by people who never used a film camera and it means absolutely nothing about the photographer's skills or anything else. You can be an excellent photographer with a keeper rate of 1% and a not so good photographer with close to 100%. Why? Because you are the one who chooses the number of shots to take.

Lets look at two scenarios. Scenario 1, I take my son to the park and shoot 5 photos. All 5 are good and I decide to keep them all. Theoretically my keeper rate for this case is 100%. Does that mean anything? Absolutely not.

Scenario 2. I'm a pro portrait photographer, and I have a model shoot in my studio. I take 100 shots. They are all good but I select 6 because this is what I have to give to the client and delete the rest. So what, is my keeper rate really only 6%? Does it say anything about my skills or about anything else? Nada.


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