Optical Slave That Works With Point & Shoots (Ignores Preflash) ?

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Re: Seagull SYK-5 may work - probably not

fotowbert wrote:

StillandMovingImages wrote:

Like many photographers, I have a point & shoot that I am fond of which gives really good shots.

But the shadows created by the little peanut sized on-camera flash leave a lot to be desired.

In the past I tried a DS-1 optical slave with really poor results.

I found this old article about building a programmable optical slave,


But before I dust off the soldering iron, does anyone know if there is a reliable optical slave on the market that can ignore the preflash pulses?

Search for information on the Seagull SYK-5 optical slave trigger which has been reported to ignore digital preflashes. It need about 5 volts or more from the flash to work properly and the triggering preflash no closer than 70 ms ahead of the actual exposure flash as reported here .

All my P & S digital cameras have a preflash. Only my Canon S95 allows me to disable the preflash and this is accomplished by putting the camera in manual exposure mode. I now use the "S2" optical slave mode on my Yongnuo 560III flashes and therefore don't need this feature in a standalone optical trigger.

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I have tried the Seagull SYK-5 and never got it to work with pre-flashes.

What works is the pre-flash ignoring mode of actual speedlights. S2 mode of LumoPro LP180 and Yongnuo 560 IV and SD mode of Nissin i40 speedlights.

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