I see donuts in the bokeh through the viewfinder of my new 6D

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I see donuts in the bokeh through the viewfinder of my new 6D

I just bought a 6D, and while testing it I noticed that I tend to see small dark donut shapes in the center of the extremely out-of-focus highlight spots in the viewfinder. This was with an f/2.8 and an f/3.5 lens. The donuts don't seem to be there at all in the exposed images. I've owned a 5D ("Mark I") for 10 years, and I had often noticed how the blur looks different in the viewfinder than it does in the exposed image. However, in the 5D, I never noticed anything as severe as these donuts I'm seeing in the 6D.

I've noticed that the donuts aren't always apparent, but seem to be strongest at a particular focus point, and fade out at other focus points, all while the highlights can be very much out of focus.

I've recently learned that these cameras have interchangeable focusing screens, and that can have a significant impact on what you see through the viewfinder, although I've never tried anything other than the factory-installed focusing screen.

Are these effects in the viewfinder what I should expect, or could it be that my camera is defective? Is it something that could be remedied by getting a focusing screen like the Canon Eg-S?

I've posted a basically identical question on StackExchange , but so far haven't gotten an answer that satisfies the most important part of my question: is this normal or should I be getting it fixed?

Here is an example of what the camera recorded (the lens was Canon EF180mm f/3.5L Macro USM)

I used Photoshop to approximate what it looks like through the viewfinder. I may be missing the mark a little bit on exactly how large or dark these donuts appear to be, but this seems pretty close.

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