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Re: Canon Platinum is a nice paper

I have got to agree with you. I have tried every Red River paper there is. I have wrote the company and sent them samples comparing Canon Pro Platinum paper to there own. I did this asking for help; because everyone in my photo club was bragging about Red River paper. However, I could not get good results. The only other paper I ever had tried was Canon Pro Platinum.

Eventually Red River gave in. They would not straight out say they couldn't make paper that good, there was a lot of 'it's your personal preference' talk, but I say... nothing has ever looked as good as Canon Pro Platinum. I use that with a Canon Pro 9000 Mark ii and my prints always blow my mind. Took me several months of cursing to finally find some good info on the color management you mentioned. But years later, I love my printer paper combo. I also, love a deal but I have not found any paper worth the sacrifice in detail, depth and color.

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