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Re: What do you prefer?

lumenite wrote:

As a original M user, I have no plan to move to M3 since the change does not seem a big deal.

However, I am always thinking of upgrading mine.

To be precise, looking at Sony mirrorless system, I am waiting for a new M from Canon.

If Canon took one chance, which path should Canon take?

(1) fast and correct but same IQ (maybe liekSony A6300) or

(2) better IQ and DOF but same AF (maybe like Sony A7)

I would choose speed rather than image because the size of system, which is the best advantage of M system, must be sacrificed for the sake of IQ.

I love 22mm and 11-22mm so much.

What do you think about this?

I prefer option 2 as i have lots of legacy glass that i love using and want to be able to use a 50mm as a 50mm and not with some crop factor. Canon should just have 2 options, build out the mirrorless range, give us a speed demon and a DXO killer.

For me, the m3 was a massive improvement over the m1. I rarely use the m1 now unless i want to have a 2 lens combo and don't want to make lens changes on the fly.

M3 improved on resolution, i eventually print my keepers and the extra resolution meant i can be more flexible with framing and cropping. 95% i print 6x4 but occasionally i print 5x7 and larger.

More manual dials, easily to switch from AV and TV. The M1 lacked this so i mostly had it in P mode.

Battery life, m3 goes longer.

Tilt screen, made it much easier to get to eye level of kids.

Video is also much better on the m3.

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