How can I recover missing text from a Word document?

Started Jun 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: How can I recover missing text from a Word document?

ron003 wrote:

You could be losing your text from MS Word because of corruption like attack of virus, improper handling, system malfunction, etc. People are not habituated of saving their document while working it and they realize it when they lose all their hard work due to some damage or corruption of document. Reason behind corruption of document could be anything like virus attack, system malfunction, etc.

Did you see how old this thread was?

The only time I've seen MS-Word lose text is because of ham-fisted operation. There's a few key combinations that will delete whole blocks of text unexpectedly, or even the whole document.

The best known one results from an attempt to make a list "The hard way", such as...

  • A [Tab] A first entry
  • B [Tab] Another entry

If the A is entered in error with CTRL+A, this will select all the text; if CTRL+Tab is then pressed accidentally, this will delete all the text. If you are really worried by this possibility, you can make a "Null Macro" for CTRL+A.

The OP doesn't need to do anything fancy, just enable auto-save, and practice version-control with files that are used regularly. Backups too, of course.

Defrag is worrying; newbies think that this utility great, but it's a waste of time in most circumstances. And did I see a mention of Lotus SmartSuite? Shows how old the thread is.

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