F700 and S2 Pro

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Tom Witte New Member • Posts: 17
Re: F700 and S2 Pro

Jonathan Usher wrote:

Quick answers:
4) very hard to answer this as everyone will have a different
perspective on what they consider "fast". For a consumer-level
digital camera, I find this to be a snappy performer (pardon the
pun). Autofocus seems quite speedy and overall time to capture
shot I'd rate as "good" (for me).

The test I use is some one walking by or a car driving by.

Other in use is if you are taking a picture of someone giving a speech are you getting the shot you took or the speakers 1 second later open mouth...

I have been spoiled - my fuji fixpix 4700 was excellent in this area.
Canon and other newer camera I looked at are 3 or more second delay dogs.

I assume I could improve on this with custom setting that turned off focus, etc. but I don't know and did not test as I want something that can work in point and shoot...


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