Sigma 500mm F4.5 + Canon EX 1.4 II + EOS 5D mk3 - focus problems

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Re: Sigma 500mm F4.5 + Canon EX 1.4 II + EOS 5D mk3 - focus problems

And we have the answer.

With Kenko pro 300 1.4 converter the AF works. I don't know what magic they put into this converter, but AF works like a charm no matter how much speed i put (af focusing speed from cameras menu). I did not check yet but i am pretty sure BIF at some distance should not be a problem. And the best thing, the aperture is also reported by the converter (camera knows that the maximum is 6.3) so there is no messing around or false metadata.

But at the same time i am not limited to center AF point - I could use all the AF point settings i normally use (zone AF - Af point with surrounding assist etc. )

Regarding the image quality - well i must see about that, the first impression was that it is good enough for converter.

So as a conclusion AF works with the following setup like a charm - Sigma 500 F4.5 + kenko pro 300 1.4X + EOS 5D mk3

Thank you all for suggestions and good toughs!

Sharp images to everyone!

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