F700 and S2 Pro

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Re: F700 and S2 Pro

Raist3d wrote:

WmAx wrote:

(2) The Fuji's 6mp mode even outresolves other DSLR cameras that
are 6Mp, and if you use the 12mp mode......... Suffice to say, it

I would like to know which cameras the Fuji's F700 @ 6 megapixels
outresolves of DSLR cameras that are 6 megapixels because I beg to
strongly differe here.. any links welcome.

  • raist

Chris was referring to the 6MP Fuji S2 with its 6MP SCCD sensor, not the F700. His statement is in line with reviews, including Phil's on this site. See it even in the Subject line.


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