F700: First impressions

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Re: F700: First impressions

Victor Major wrote:

Thank you for a very useful summary. I have been waiting for this
Camera ever since it was announced. I actually 'bought' it on eBay
a day before the delay was made public by Fuji - I got my money

I even sold my digital camera in anticipation (the old Fujifilm

I am still inclined to go buy the F700 once availability improves.

The concerns I have are these:

1. Chromatic aberration wonderland - however that can be managed
2. Lack of focus at edges of the photo
3. Those greens - I like them strong, but not that strong

...and I really WANT to see a conclusive demonstration of the
superiority of the SR chip in terms of the dynamic range.

I need some time to work on that, but trust me, I have particular shots in mind because else this F700 is going back to the store and I'll be keeping my Canon Elph if it doesn't happen.

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