Looking for honest feedback on my home shoot

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Re: Looking for honest feedback on my home shoot

Chips Pringle wrote:

I agree. These pictures won't help to sell a house. I don't see why any agent or photographer would do this to a real estate listing. I don't think highly of HDR anyway

Maybe the OP will let us know whether the house sold -- and what the reaction has been to the images. I think much of the criticism has been valid... from a photographer's point of view -- but the people who are looking at them are probably not photographers. They see the images --- probably after looking at hundreds of conventionally produced ones -- and perhaps are intrigued. They might take the time to look past the HDR and try to see 'the bones' -- but at least the photos have engaged their attention.

I've shot lots of properties -- and all of them have been propped and primped to make them look better than they normally do. Maybe new home buyers have gotten past the idea that photos are accurate representations and instead of looking for accuracy, they're going with the feeling they get.

I wouldn't be surprised if in the future, some real estate agent looks at some well trained photographer's portfolio and asks "Do you ever do any of those dreamy, hyped-up colors kind of photography?"

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