F700: First impressions

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F700: First impressions

Well since Ritz camera as many pointed out had it, I decided while on my stay in San Diego this weekend to visit some friends, to look around in the web for a Ritz store, and I found a Wolf Camera (they are the same guys pretty much) that had them.

So after some deliberation I bit the bullet and bought it.

I am comparing it now to my Canon Powershot S230 Elph, which if I decide to keep the Fuji, I will be selling the Canon very likely.

My impressions so far:

  • The F700 is SUPER FAST . The Canon elphs are amongst the fastest cameras in the market and I was pleasantly surprised to see the F700 is even a tiny bit faster than my Elph at start up, shut down, focusing. It's only a tiny bit, but I would have been even super surprised if it matched the Elph. The photo zoom in preview while not horribly slow or such, is something the Elph still does better.

  • Chromatic aberrations. ARGH! Oh well, seems like everybody has them now but Fuji didn't have this problem for the most part in the previous generation. At least since the camera has manual controls, if you use a higher F stop, they can be minimized greatly (or eliminated!)

  • Greens seem a bit over saturated to my eyes.

  • Low light indoor pictures while they seem to capture a wider range when also capturing well lit areas, it seems the way Fuji deals with low light noise is worst than Canon. On the Canon you see noise but looks more like grain.. on the Fuji it can start looking like posterization/dithering. If one issue makes me return my F700, it will be exactly this one (and another one below)

  • Some pictures I took do seem to have a noticeable wider dynamic range.. hard to explain.. although I did take a difficult shot for my with my Canon and the Fuji and to my surprise the Fuji didn't reveal a cloud in the sky while the Canon did. But overall there were other cases where the Fuji did noticeably better.

  • Fuji is king of video digital camera filming right now. Period. The video of this camera is amazing. Ironically my elph seemed to pick up sounds better (need to do more testing here).

  • Overall, daylight shots seemed rich.

  • On some little details, the Fuji does seem to pixelate.. an example would be say small letters of a price tag on an item (and the numbers). The Canon elph seems to interpolate where it looks antialiased-smooth, and the Fuji seems to pixelates. This along with the night shots, may be the 2nd only issue so far that may make return the F700.

  • Fuji software is actually quite decent. Not amazing but is fast, does the job of transfering pictures.

  • The craddle operation rocks (but I would also have preferred a separate charger to come in with the camera, as to charge I have to use the camera right now).

  • Overall interface of the camera seems well designed.. while there can be some menu navigation, it's only one layer deep, and there are buttons to access the camera's feature with ease.

  • 2nd surprise- the camera is fairly small.. smaller than the Minolta F100/F300 by a tiny itsy bit which is surprising.. it's virtually as thick as my Canon Elph.. that along with the speed of operation, I did not expect!

I will post some pictures when I have the time.

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