F700 and S2 Pro

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Re: F700 and S2 Pro

Approximately 2 minutes of 640x480x30fps video, yes that is correct (using motion JPEG). You can also select a 320x240x30fps mode on the camera to significantly increase the quantity of video you can capture - but it does naturally look significantly worse in quality (albeit better than many other digital cameras have as their best "video" mode).

Steven321 wrote:

Movie mode - not sure honestly how often I'll use this. But for
those times I do use it, the results are very good. I take the
output (which is a very high bitrate motion JPEG - about 1MB per
second in 640x480 mode) and use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series to
transcode to WMV 9 at 1-2 Mbps (resulting in savings of 80-90% of
file sizes).

Am I correct to assume on an empty 128MB card, you can only get 128
seconds of video?

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