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Four good reasons to buy the kit lens

shot422 wrote:

I am delving into DSLR territory for the first time. Hope this isn't a stupid question. I am confused about kit lenses. I notice that everyone says kit lenses are not that good and to get the body only and buy the lens separate. When i look at the pics from say amazon, best buy they show a brand name lens such as the canon 18-55mm IS STM as the kit lens. am i to assume that canon as well as other brands make an inferior kit lens and buying the 18-55 separately you get a better quality lens though it's the same one. Thanks for helping this newcomer

  • Kit lenses are usually pretty good today. Better than you would think.
  • Kit lenses are very useful, covering a wide to short telephoto zoom range.
  • Kit lenses are cheap. Often costing only $50 more than buying a body alone.
  • It makes it easier to sell a used entry level DSLR when you include a kit lens

There is a very good reason that every entry level ILC comes with a kit lens, and most high end ILCs don't. When it comes to high end models, the manufacturer assumes you already own lenses for the system, might want to select something out of the ordinary, or just wants to keep the selling price down by not having a lens included.

Kit lenses are never the best lenses you could buy, but they are pretty good, and they are usually pretty cheap. If your budget is tight, you will want the kit lens. You can always upgrade later.

Incidentally, not all kit lenses are cheap, but all are "appropriate for the camera body." The "kit lens" for a $7,300 Leica SL costs an additional $4,300! The kit lens for the $500 Canon SL1 comes included with the camera.

If I bought either of those cameras, I'd want the kit lens.

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