Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

My top 10 list,

1.  50mm       F1.4 Great glass and very sharp especially at 2 and above. B etter than my 50mm F1.7

2.  35-70mm   F4 for the money and size on a full frame camera is great. On a APS-C not so much so.

3.  70-210mm F4 Wow, this is a sharp lens for the money.

4.  28mm       F2.8 cheap and a prime nice and sharp.

5.  135mm     F2.8 wow a nice prime and good for the money cheap on ebay.

6.  85mm       F1.4 G Another good piece of glass but a little expensive to be called an alternative but the images are great.

7.  28-75mm  F2.8 Good glass and extremely sharp from 28mm to 50mm f2.8 from 50mm to 70mm a little on the soft side at 2.8 but at F3.5 great across the frame.

8.  70-200mm F2.8 HS Wow sharp glass and great speed.

9.  200mm     F2.8 enough said

10. 17-35mm F2.8-4 For the money a great super wide lens.

My Favorites is the 35-70mm F4, 50mm F1.4, 70-210mm F4, and the 17-35 F2.8-4 these are value lenses and are great. You could buy a used A850 and all 3 lenses and still be at or around the cost of the body of a the latest and greatest APS-C camera. You can't go wrong and while the latest cameras do do a great job most of the time you are not shooting at 12800 ISO. Those values are great but other than that I can't see a reason to spend $1500.00 on a new body and lens with tax and or shipping. So for $800.00 Sony A850+60 35-70mm F4+60 70-210 F4+300 17-35 F2.8-4+100 50mm F1.4 + 150. for a good sony flash + 30 for a cheap camera bag and you have yourself a pretty good piece of kit. All the zoom ranges covered and nice 50mm F1.4 lens for great bokeh. Now the cons, all this ear is heavy all metal construction wow need to have a nice shoulder. Or you can buy a Sony A600 and an 18-105mm and about 10 batteries and you get a nice kit as well. Just kidding on the batteries well not really.

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