Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

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Re: A possible fix

Mike Fewster wrote:

tomrandall86 wrote:

Gonna try it today, but re reading the post, it looks like quite a scary action. Holding the camera lens facing toward the table, and turning on, won't allow the lens to extend to its standard "on" position, which I guess forces it in some sort of direction. Scary, scary stuff.

On the RX1, the lens barely moves when the camera is turned on. Even so, I wouldn't push down hard, just a little pressure is enough. I'd do the same with the HX. Allow the lens to extend, just keep a little pressure on it as it does so.

Just gave it a few tries; unsuccessful unfortunately. I tried at varying pressures, to the point of not letting the barrel extend in which the camera just tells you to turn it off and on again. Repeated a few times, and on one occasion the error disappeared but the physical problems remained, which are that you can see the edge of the barrel through the screen, and that the stabilization system vibrates if you looks closely at the screen.

Im still going  scour the Internet a little more, and see if there is anyone who knows a little engineering on these things. I down right refuse to pay almost £200 for the fix, when its a mechanical error after a year and a half, and when the camera costs £300 or less new.

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