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Re: Also: no one can really tell you anything right now anyway

KL Matt wrote:

miles green wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

Practically every Pentax prime mentioned here does really well in the center of the frame. With the K1, we're getting the most challenging portion of the frame added around that APS-C sweet spot. One of the most frequent complaints of lenses you'll hear are "mushy corners" or "very good in the center, poor resolution on the borders" etc. We won't really know how any of these lenses perform at the far corners of digital FF until the K1 gets into the hands of enough people to test out all those lenses.

There have been several published user tests using Sony A7 series cameras of various Pentax FF and aps-c lenses.

That may be true, but none where they tested and compared all the lenses we're talking about here. Do you have links to reliable tests done on all three limiteds including border and corner sharpness at all apertures, for instance? I certainly haven't seen anything like that. I guarantee you though once the K1 is out we'll have people doing exactly that and sharing their results here.

I'll test exactly that and i'll post here around the end of April, as soon as my K1 comes in.

Just as important as corner sharpness at all apertures is flare and veiling resistance, colors, contrast and rendering, etc. I'll also try to test astigmatism (if you want to photograph the night sky). Corner sharpness is greatly affected by field curvature, which is not a priority unless we are talking about a macro lens that could be used for reproduction work. What i'm looking forward to is actual pictures, where we'll get a better idea regarding how these 3 lenses render solid objects rather than surfaces, as this is what these lenses were designed to do. (I'll have to find that old Pentax article about how the 3 FA limiteds where designed and evaluated by a panel of artists.)


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