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Re: F700 and S2 Pro

Yes I agree - actually I based my comment on a quick look of a few
photos from the F700 versus my (now ancient) DSC-S70 Sony 3MP

A different matter.

I believe that if the lens on the F700 has an adequate MTF; that a carefully framed/controlled compariosn of the F700's 6m mode(soft sharpening and post processed sharpeing instead of incam sharpening) vs. the Sony's 3MP output will hardly be fair for the Sony. SCCD cameras have reliably been able to outresolve pertceptible detail far greater than conventinal CCD/CMOS designs of the same addresable number of photosite points. I would, personally. like for you to do this test if it is conventient for you to do so.


Resolution seems ok for a 3MP camera. But it's not up to a 6 MP
native CCD's resolution.

While this 'must' be true. It is hardly fair to deermine this on
the two images provided.

(1) Ratio/aspect is differetn between cameras(3:4 vs. 2:3). If you
must make the comparison of detail resolving, the accepted method
determined via ISO standards is to frame the vertical content of
the frame teh same on both images, discounting the additional
horiztonal coverage of the 2:3.

(2) The Fuji's 6mp mode even outresolves other DSLR cameras that
are 6Mp, and if you use the 12mp mode......... Suffice to say, it
would be more fair to say the Fuji F700 can not compare resolution
well with a 6mp FUJI SCCD camera. This may also be true for a
normal 6Mp compared to the FUji F700(F700 may not come very close),
however without specific resoluton measurments or a controlled
comparison of production model F700, I would only be speculating.


Images are quite sharp at the center but exhibit noticeable
fall-off towards the edges.

Movie mode - not sure honestly how often I'll use this. But for
those times I do use it, the results are very good. I take the
output (which is a very high bitrate motion JPEG - about 1MB per
second in 640x480 mode) and use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series to
transcode to WMV 9 at 1-2 Mbps (resulting in savings of 80-90% of
file sizes).

Speed seems quite good - especially from power-on to first shot,
considering this is a camera that needs to extend the lens on

LCD is nice and sharp - used it in bright sunshine yesterday and it
was fine.

Just some early thoughts... others also seem to be liking this
camera based on the feedback on this Forum. Overall I am
pleasantly surprised. Shame xD is so expensive (at least now)

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