Buying lenses for sony FE / everybody returns lenses constantly

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Mr Keys wrote:

Since I'm pretty new to photography I read a LOT of what you guys/girls write about lenses (maybe more than I should?), and I'm about to invest in a couple of good lenses for my Sony a7r2.

BUT, the more I read, the more it seems like it's standard to return the lens up to four times before finding a lens you really like. This is REALLY scary to me. Is it really like that?

Should I really be prepared to return a 2k-lens several times before getting a good one? or are the people that returns the lens several times extremely picky and notice "faults" I won't even notice? Or just extremely unlucky?

How big of an issue is this really? To me, it almost sounds like I should expect to find flaws in the lens, or am I just being paranoid?

Cause, to be honest, it's pretty absurd to NOT be able to expect a good lens from the beginning.

I don't even need to read the other posts in this thread to know what a can of worms this opened. We can't have any kind of discussion in this forum about quality, expectations and returning merch without the following terms coming to mind:



'confirmation bias'

'logical fallacy/ipse dixit'

and the good old end result, 'ad hominem'.

...THAT regretfully said, I can say I've purchased four native FE lenses for the A7 series. Not a lot by any measure. I returned one (the 28/2) because it was really undewhelming. Might've been decentered but it had terrible 'double vision' looknig OOF areas anywhere off-center unless they were really far away. I was also unimpressed with color, contrast and the excessive distortion correction (extreme for a modern 28mm - I have really old cheap-o 24mm lenses that do better).

I've heard a lot about sample variance among Zony (Zeiss branded Sony) and G series lenses. When I was more active in the A-Mount realm, I don't recall there being that much quality concern or returning...HOWEVER, keep in mind those days had APS-C 16MP cameras, not FF 24MP ones.

If I had to advise, I'd say be prepared for the possibility of getting a decentered lens. I also think Amazon does an absolutely terrible job of mailing lenses; they literally throw the lens box into a larger box with either nothing in terms of packing or a wad of butcher paper. In short, expect a bumpy ride. This might be accounting for at least some 'variation' we see.

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