firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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PC motherboards have 2 firmware ROMS

Louis_Dobson wrote:

If your internet connection fails, it should not brick anything.
The file is downloaded and checked before it is sent to lens / camera.
More likely here the lens was not making proper contact with the camera, or the battery ran out, or the lead between camera and computer was disconnected, or something or someone switched off the camera, or something else.
This kind of thing happens now and then.
Personally if I were Oly I would factor it into the price and fix such things for free rather than stirring up bad feeling.

Maybe a camera manufacturer could take note of how PC motherboard manufacturers market having 2 firmware ROM BIOS chips as being more secure against bricking your board during update or a virus attack.

The consumer is becoming much more aware of the need for software updates and indeed I have seen Olympus have banners in camera shops advertising from FW2/ 3 etc as big news so why not also say they are the first with dual update chips?

The EM1 has set a benchmark for FW improvements and it would be perfect for the EM2 to be the first camera with this new feature and it could be of benefit to any lens updated via a dual FW chip body as well.

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