DP2M + Pentax 645D shot comparison (by idillic)

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Re: DP2M + Pentax 645D shot comparison (by idillic)

The DP series are amazing little things. I think the Quattros even outresolve the 645D . . . but not the 645Z. The Merrills produce images with a look of their own, and they will be classics . . . already are, maybe.

The thing is . . . I don't think you can really compare a huge medium format camera with something so small and not consider the size as an important factor. The difference between the cost is huge too. Certainly Sigma has achieved their goal with the little DP series. They really are a great value . . . and they provide something nothing else can . . . a pocketable camera capable of medium format quality. I think people are FINALLY realizing that Sigma's claims of medium format image quality from the Merrill sensor was not B.S. At that time the typical medium format camera had a 22 MP, 29 MP, or 33 MP sensor. You can see today that even the much higher resolution Pentax 645D barely outresolves the Merrill sensor.

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