firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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Guy Parsons wrote:

bikerhiker wrote:

2, You are using a hard wired LAN connection where interruption in download and cause issues.

I never bother, I use any old notebook lying around to do updates and they use my home WiFi network. OK there's wire from phone exchange to my modem but it's all air after that. Never a problem in years of updating many Oly bodies and lenses.

The Internet download is a separate issue to the USB transfer to camera and subsequent update process that happens withing the camera/lens, so logically an Internet bomb out on file download should not hurt the camera, as the "do not touch" LCD icon is not yet in progress.

Regards....... Guy

True. And it's the same with drugs and antiseptic that claim "only" 99.9% effectiveness despite billions of people who benefit from them all their lives, there are millions who died from the same drugs and antiseptic that the bacteria did not get killed even if they followed the instructions to the letter.

Basically Olympus is saying that if you want a 99.99% update success, then you should follow these protocol. Even with this; you would not necessarily get it right either as showcased by the OP.

It's unfortunate the OP bricked the lens. It happened and it's expensive to fix, but the OP is not alone.  I had my fair share of bad luck with Nikon cameras in regards to firmware updates.  With Nikon cameras, you have to update 3 to 4 firmware (A, B, L and F) ; quadrupling  your chances of failures which happened to me despite bomb proof methods using the SD/CF card.  Again, it's a fact of life.  I find that sending to Nikon and get them to do it is the safest course.  It's part of the NPS program anyhow..


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