firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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Re: If firmware completely downloaded before camera update...

Henry Richardson wrote:

bikerhiker wrote:

Are you using a secure hardwired LAN line what Olympus specifically asked for? This LAN line must have at least 99.9% CLA with a downtime of 8.76hrs/year or 1.44 minutes/day. Unfortunately, NOT ALL providers provide 99.9%. Usually most providers provide 90% CLA (one nine), which equates to about 2.4 hours / day downtime. You were very unlucky to got bricked down this time.

If you have a 99.9% CLA (3 nines) internet provider, then you should take it up with the provider. Olympus updates usually takes about 2 minutes, so if your provider fails the connection less than 2 minutes, you can take it up with your provider to ask for compensation. That's why some people pay more for 3 nines as opposed to one nine. Choosing a 90% CLA provider is NOT as secured a LAN line as 9 nines despite what you might think and despite you might have a cable sticking out of your cable box. This is why 3 nines or 9 nines connection are more expensive. Some people who have no problems updating may in fact unknowingly have a 3 nines connection.

If the Olympus software completely downloads the firmware over the internet and then checks to make sure it is not corrupted before even starting the update of the camera then how is any of what you wrote even relevant?

Olympus asked for a "SECURED" hardwired LAN line to update . This is their line of legal defense and what I wrote is relevant.  What happened to the OP is very unfortunate, but Olympus did place the warning that you need a "SECURED" hardwired LAN Line is their update warning page.  Why?  If some of you claimed that it's unnecessary; why then they placed it anyway?

I suspect, it is a legal obligation to protect them against situations like this.  Anything can happen.  Software is NOT 100% perfect either.  Internet connection is NOT 100%.  Even antibiotics claim a 99.9% effectiveness; NOT 100%  To me, everyone here seemed to have determined that it's 100% the fault of the OP and that a possibility of the internet connection is even remotely impossible.  How would you know?  How would anyone here can claim 100% that's even true?  Even Secured hardwired LAN line NEVER claim 100% CLA.  The highest is 9 nines.  Nothing is 100%, but it seemed people here believe is 100% that no one here ever brick a camera or lens while updating.

There will always be someone who will brick a camera or lens at the most unexpected moment.  My suggestion is for the OP to look into possible legal avenues to have the internet provider absorb some of the responsibilities.  After all, it is the provider that provides the internet connection.  Internet connection does not manifest by itself out of thin air.

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