firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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You can also brick a Nikon camera with a defective SD/CF card and a weak battery as well.

There are a lot of false hearsay and assumptions made here.. And we don't know if the OP follows the procedure correctly.

Having said that, my recollection with the discussion with Olympus Tech is that, the firmware needs to be downloaded to the computer, then copied over to the camera's memory.

The possible reasons why the camera or lens would brick during update is

1, A battery that is not fresh and fully charged battery that fluctuates power and hence causes firmware update failure. Lens firmware update takes longer than a camera firmware update.

2, You are using a hard wired LAN connection where interruption in download and cause issues.

The warnings are explicitly described in the update box.

I know your frustration.  But if you need to take up these issues, take it up with your internet provider for they are responsible for failing to provide a secured LAN line.  There are some providers who do provide 99.9% failure rate, but they are more expensive.

Hope this helps...

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