firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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Re: firmware download failure. now Olympus wants to replace the CPG for Zuiko lens. Huge bucks!

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I have an Olympus OMD-5 with a Olympus Zuiko EZ-M1250 lens. I was very happy with the lens. Then I tried to download a firmware update for the lens and my internet connection was interrupted during the update. Iso the lens doesn't work. took it to a repairer who recommended sending it to the Olympus Australia head office. So I did

Now Olympus wants to charge me $327.55 for replacing the circuit board ($22.77 for the replacement - the rest is labour). I can buy the same lens for a bit less than that price. I am outside the warranty

Is this really right? - it was only an interrupted firmware update. Seems to me to be a built in design flaw if the CPG can't survive that

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Firmware updates don`t work like that.

If you lost you internet connection while the firmware was downloading it would not have been uploaded to your camera.

The update only begins once the firmware has been downloaded to the pc in full and then uploaded to the camera in full, once the camera has the firmware stored it will then start installing it.

Its a load of nonsense blaming the Olympus method, at the end of the day its of little difference than doing it via a card.


What you say makes a lot of sense, and seems to be reasonable way of updating the firmware.

Just out of curiosity, how did you determine that the Oly firmware updates work that way? Please rest assured I'm not disputing or contesting what you say. Rather, if the process you describe is officially documented by Olympus somewhere, a link to it would be very helpful the next time one of these threads occurs.

Thank you

I carried out my own test.

When I got the warning screen I removed the USB lead and attempted to turn the camera off.

With the USB lead removed the update still continued and because the camera was updating the firmware it must have disabled the on off switch (a safety feature)

Those Olympus engineers were pretty clever when they developed this method of updating, they were not stupid, they built all sorts of safety features in.

For the firmware update to begin that firmware update firstly needs to be downloaded then stored in the cameras memory.

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