Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: newer J8s not bad.

Try the J-3 really.
I have one on my Sony A7R
Absolutely awesome - and so compact
Results are very Good at 1.5.
At 2.0 it is just as good as my Summicron M (from the sixties)
I use the J-3 becaise of its characteristic bokeh (swirly) that gives it a distinct character in some situations versus the summicron (when there are highlights in the background).
Try to buy the J-3 or J-8 directly from an Ukrainian on ebay that has a very good track record - and buy only a version without any important default (no oil, fungus, bump...).

I have a Helios44 M39 as well.
I put on it a 39-42 screw adaptation as mentioned in other posts, but there is still a 1mm difference on the flange distance, so that I can focus up to 7 meters, but not to infinity... OK for portraits, but I would not advise you trying that of course!
By the way, because of the M42 adaptor, the Helios+adapter is huge, while the Jupiter 3 + M39 adaptor is very small an extremely elegant on the Sony.

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