DP2M + Pentax 645D shot comparison

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Re: same picture - different cameras 1 minute apart....jpeg compression 10

DannyDoi wrote:

idillic wrote:

I had a look back at the directory & realised I had taken a shot with the pentax a minute before the sigma shot. The phone rang and.....anyway the first pentax shot is uploaded here with the sigma shot, both at 10 compression. The files are 13.9meg & 5.6 meg respectively.

The depth of field starts to run out on the pentax compared to the previous one. I think the autofocus locked onto the tree in the traffic island.



I'm sorry that i post here after that much time since the original post but now i'm interested in buying a Sigma DP2M and i saw this topic.

Everyone talked about details, noise, contrast and cardboard look I downloaded both images and take a look at them.

On the wall there is a Stereophonics poster where is write "Turing July" that in 645D image is red orange and in DP2M is brown.

Also on the street near the green short pole there are some traffic paintings on the ground, in green in 645D image and almost invisibles in DP2M pic.

What about that?

Yes, I can see what you mean and in part this can be explained by the overall muted saturation of the Merrill imager. The colours can easily be boosted to 'taste' though.

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