Canon Dual Pixel AF for distance dependent software generated bokeh?

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J A C S wrote:

Tequila MockingjayBird wrote:

Goalpost: to achieve blurring the pixels that are not in focus. I do not want to speculate what your goal is, but if it is not then you are in the wrong discussion.

If by that you mean groups of pixels not in focus, they are already blurred by being OOF. What to blur then more? PS can do it.

Why use PS, and then try to figure out the out of focus areas to blur & beauty the bokeh if the camera can do it internally?

If the camera, on its own, does not know what part of my (your) image is in focus, then I am sad to announce that Canon has been spying on your camera all this time.

Your image and the 3D scene that it represents are different things.

You ignore every argument I present and pick up on the sound bites. Let me try to be rational again, not that it helps much with you. Each pixels collects light from a double cone in front of the lens, with a vertex at the point where you focus. Just sent all rays form a pixel back. The notion of distance to the object that a pixels sees is absolutely meaningless. It sees a whole cone, and if there is a surface in front, it sees something like a (distorted) disk, which is the cross section of that cone with the surface. Distance to what? There a lot of possible distances there.

Also, you refuse to understand how AF works with dual pixels. It is not much different in principle than the traditional PD AF done on the AF sensor. I am not going to repeat what I said. To think that it knows the distance at each pixel is naïve, at least.

If you did not have that single malt in your hand while you were reading my original post, you would have not missed the part when I asked very specifically to ignore distance.

Finally, to be able to refocus after the fact, you would need to have the third dimension well sampled. This would add, roughly speaking a square root of the amount of the information you have already. Doubling is far from enough.

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