More "sneaky" updates to promote Win 10

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More "sneaky" updates to promote Win 10

It is unlikely that any regular members here are going to be surprised by the latest MS Updates promoting Win 10, as Microsoft has been stooping lower and lower in the ethics department to achieve more Win 10 installs

In any event, now they've also introduced new "Security" Updates for Internet Explorer that are apparently designed to promote Windows 10

Here is one of many articles on the subject:

Windows update turns IE into a Windows 10 ad machine

Here's another article:

New IE11 update may sneak Windows 10 ‘upgrade’ options into security patch

Here's another:

There are many other articles about it, with some of them pointing out that Microsoft's attempts to promote Windows 10 has reached a new low (from an ethics perspective). Here's another article on the subject:

Microsoft hits a new low -- sneaks Windows 10 advertising into an Internet Explorer security patch

From what I can determine from reports, the update appears to be a security update for IE 11 if you look at its description on the Windows update screens. But, if you dig a little deeper and read the KB article linked, you'll find its true purpose.

Microsoft appears to be "pulling out all of the stops" (ethics be darned) in order to get more users to install Windows 10.

Personally, I find it amazing that they appear to be getting away with those types of "shady" practices.

Heck, Antivirus and AntiMalwere products (and products designed to prevent Adware from installing) should probably block Microsoft Updates like this one (as for most practical purposes, Microsoft is installing adware, and that should not be tolerated);

I find it even more amazing that some of the members here are actually defending Microsoft's practices.

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