Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

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Re: Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

sergerez wrote:

The previous explanation is really good... however, the OP asked for nFD mount, not the FD breech mount. The nFD doesn't use breech at all. With nFD, all you need to do, is:
1. Have the adapter in "opened" position.
2. Find and meet the red dots on both sides, then attach the lens, having the metal dot of the adapter on the vertical side of "sloping hill" lever of the lens. When the adapter is on "opened" position, it will go there by itself, if the red dots meet each other. But if it is in "closed" position, it will be on the sloped side of the lens lever. That is wrong, and may damage the mount permanently, so attach the lens only with adapter being in "opened" position. Move both lens and adapter counterclockwise until they click into place.
3.Then attach the lens to the body with white dots on the adapter and camera.
4. Turn adapter into "open" position" and voila: your aperture ring is fully operational.
5. To disarrange, do everything in reverse order, pressing the silver button on the lens.
Do not use extra pressure, there is not need for that at all.
Good luck.

Sorry, just found out, I misspoke the point number 4.

It should read: Turn the adapter into "closed" position (instead of "open", which I mistakenly posted originally). Only when the adapter is locked, the aperture ring becomes operational.

Sorry once again for the confusion,


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