Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

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Re: Having problem with FD lens and adapter - help!

First off this is a great community for technical help, so I thank the admins n all enthusiast for all the time n effort they have put together here. I Had similar issues, but figured out a simple way. If you have an original rear cap for the lens with a breech mount just try fitting the cap first, study how the breech turns. Next look for two aperture control levers. One is flat the other is shaped like a sloping hill. This one you have to turn counter clockwise so that it locks in place with a snap. When you have it at the extreme end, take your adapter n face its 12 o clock with the red (very small) dot on the lens 12 o clock. When you push the adapter into the lens the breech turns itself, look where it turns n turn it further in the same direction till it doesn't go further. This locks the adapter with the lens and also enables the aperture ring to work, whether it's mounted on the camera or not. Do this 4-5 times to get a hang of it, then fix the adapter to the camera. Hope this helps.... (Sorry about the crude images, just a quick put together)

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