Laptop: Better to have 32gb SSDR mSATA?

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Update on what I did a long time ago

Henry Richardson wrote:

This afternoon I ordered a 17.3" Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition from the Outlet Center:

i7-3630qm (2.4ghz, Turbo Burst 3.4Ghz)
1tb 5400 rpm SATA hd
8gb DDR3-1600mhz SDRAM, 2 DIMMS
Nvidia GeForce GT 650M 2gb
8X Tray Load CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW Drive)

USB 3.0

I was on chat with Dell to verify that there is a 2nd unused drive bay that I can put an SSD in. The guy assured me there is and I made him verify it again. I also told him I was saving the chat session and if I receive the computer and discover there is no drive bay for the SSD I will expect Dell to pay the shipping to return it. He agreed, but said that there is definitely a drive bay.

To Hawaii my only shipping choice was fast so I had to pay $69. Delivery expected on 12/14.

I need to order an SSD too. I am not clear on SATA II and SATA III. Do I use SATA III with this Dell? Here are a bunch of SSDs:

My initial plan was to mostly get the SSD for my LR catalog and previews, but it has been suggested that I also put Windows and my programs on it. Maybe 64gb isn't big enough? Maybe 128gb would be better? I have just spent a lot of money on a one month trip to Nepal that I returned from on Friday and now on this new laptop and other expenses this month and next. I am hoping to not spend too much ($100 or less, I guess) for the SSD. Any recommendations?

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Henry Richardson

Just an update about what I did. I ended up getting a 256gb SSD, installing Win8.1 on it along with all my programs, and putting my LR catalog and previews on it. I have been using the 1tb HD as a data disk. I am still using this computer even though it has been about 39 months since I bought it. A record!

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Henry Richardson

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