On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

DennisS wrote:

Ok, same problem here. I've been deciding which camera I want and in the past 30 days have bought the D3200, D5100, D7000 and now the D600 (x2). On all of them except the D600 the diopter worked fine and I got a nice clear image thru the viewfinder.

Picked up a D600 today, and moving the little wheel did nothing and nothing I could do could get me anywhere close to being able to read the viewfinder information or see a non-blurry scene (and I mean really blurry) even though the camera said things were in focus. Tried different lenses, kit lens, old AIS, and regular AF-D lenses. All of these lenses work fine on the other cameras. I still have the D7000 here and everything is sharp thru the viewfinder. I picked up my old F5 and of course diopter works fine there and everything looks great. The images taken with the D600 look GREAT though..so they are in focus, it's just that in the viewfinder they look totally out of focus.

Ran back to the store, swapped for another D600 and same problem. Moving the diopter dial back and forth appears to do nothing. I'm thinking these cameras are REALLY far out of whack.

To be clear, this is two D600's in a row, so I don't think the original poster was crazy..:) I'm thinking a bunch of D600's were just assembled VERY poorly? I do have one other thought though...

I wonder if there is some sort of first time initialization of the diopter or something. The reason I wonder is that on both of these cameras, after having a charged battery the first lens I put on before powering up was my old AID 50 1.4 manual focus lens. IS it possible that somehow by using a non-autofocus lens that the camera initialized incorrectly in some way?

I guess I'll exchange one more time and update this thread if I get a winner camera..!

Just a note for anyone else buying one of these used on eBay like I did.  My diopter was completely blurry and the knob did nothing so I was immediately afraid I had been scammed by the seller.  But before I panicked completely I took to the internet looking for a solution and found this thread, among others.  No ready solutions presented themselves so I decided to try a little "percussive maintenance."  I gave the viewfinder a solid bump with the heel of my hand and voila' - problem solved!

Not sure if the package got whacked or dropped in shipping to cause the original issue but it seems to be working perfectly now; diopter adjustment is functioning normally and the rest of the camera is flawless.  Really happy to find such a simple resolution.  I hope this will help someone else!  Cheers!!

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