Let me explain why Sony is better than Nikon and Canon

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Re: Nope.

tbcass wrote:

Maybe you'd be better off concentrating on photography rather than switching brands all the time because your obsession will get you nowhere. From a practical point of view, for real photography, not pixel peeping and searching for a camera that's minutely better, no brand is any better than any other brand because each has it's strengths and weaknesses. You'd be better off learning the art of photography. I could care less if my camera is the best available because it takes great photos that make me happy. I stopped arguing which camera is better some time ago because it doesn't really matter.

The forum has changed since you were banned some time ago. Most people don't get sucked into the flame/trolling wars any more so you won't have as much fun as you used to.

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Look at the picture, not the pixels
Misuse of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography.

Trying out all the options is part of my photography, each person has their own style and preferences, sometimes the gear does matter. My choices were not at all just about pixel peeping, it was about everything from lens selection to IQ to feature set. Even the feel of the grip and availability of high speed sync flash are things i compared between brands.

You said it yourself, each has it's strengths and weaknesses, and i knew this from the start. There is no better way to learn these differences than trying stuff out for myself (and a lot of research in the process), so that's what i did. If you think that's a bad idea, i think you are just trying to argue, in which case i bid you farewell.

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