eGlobalDigitalStore - UK experience

Started Dec 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: eGlobalDigitalStore - UK experience

I bought my partner a Parrot Bebop drone for Christmas this year from eGlobal Central UK, believing that I was purchasing the product from a UK company. When it arrived the spare battery did not work. I contacted the company via email on Christmas day but two weeks later had still not received a reply. I contacted them again and also opened a dispute with Paypal. This time the company replied asking me to upload a video of the faulty product on youtube. I thought this odd, but did as asked. I was then asked to post the faulty item back to Hong Kong! There was only 5 days left to make a claim with Paypal, and so I did this. Oddly Paypal, whom I have always trusted sided with the seller. I believe the company is a one man band as every reply I received was from a person called 'Adam'. Please think carefully before making the same mistake as I.

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