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Barry Pearson wrote:

awaldram wrote:


Pentax AF algorithms have been pretty archaic which has meant the raw power of their AF system has to be tamed by the knowledge of the photographer (sensor in use, hold AF , hand off etc etc ) Which has lead to some conclusions on Pentac AF capabilities that are lower than reality.

The statement "has to be tamed by the knowledge of the photographer" is important.

I use centre-spot focusing for nearly all my action photos. I thought I was in a tiny old-fashioned minority. I found a number of other people agreeing with that approach.

Using centre-spot focusing, I have achieved some pretty good (occasionally award-winning) photos of birds and airplanes in flight, and motor cars and bikes going pretty fast.

I accept that I have also missed quite a few shots, and I would not be able to compete with professional high-speed-action photographers, who simply get "that" shot.

But in spite of any assumption that the K-1 isn't really an action camera, I will be trying to use it for those subjects this year, to see just what it can do, especially when teamed with fast-focusing lenses like the 150-450mm f/3.5-f/5.6, and (I hope!) the 70-200mm f/2.8. I can surely do better than I did with a K-5IIs and the DA* lenses!


I tend to use 9 point  expanding with hold AF for my slower 'action' as when chasing swimmers they tend to vanish during fly or breast.

As the K3 is fast enough for my uses its all gain to me for sports shooting with K1, The k5 struggled with low light and head on (AF slowing under low light)

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