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Re: Educate me on Pentax

MightyMike wrote:

Its weakest point may be that the AF is not quite as good as the big 2 (C & N) however despite what some might say its very far from bad, its just not spectacular.

Though your point is well made probably worth expanding slightly

Pentax AF is on a par with Camera and lens from other manufacturers in the same price bracket.

Both Nikon and Canon have cameras and lens combinations that will blow anything you can assemble on Pentax out the water (as far as sport continuous shooting and tracking goes) but at a cost that most are not willing to pay anyway.

But in Af-S Pentax probably offers the most flexible and accurate solution bar none

With it large number of cross type senors and ev-3 sensitivity it has low light shooting that nothing i it price can touch, with 3 f2.8 sensors it offers a level of accuracy for f2.8 and faster lens that no other manufacturers offers in this price bracket.

With it's f2 matte screen it is probably more accurate in AF than Man and Machine in MF

As f2.8 baseline should allowed repeatability down to f1.4.

Pentax AF algorithms have been pretty archaic which has meant the raw power of their AF system has to be tamed by the knowledge of the photographer (sensor in use, hold AF , hand off etc etc ) Which has lead to some conclusions on Pentac AF capabilities that are lower than reality.

Ricoh is addressing this with the new 86k metering sensor providing the first real ai routines in the K1 .. Unfortunate this is aimed at CD (live view) AF (probably as that the future direction AF will take)

The K1 should be a step up on the k3ii mainly due to the 40% cpu gain but it will not be D500, D5 or 1ds competitor in the sports arena. It may hold its own against the like of the d7200 though providing you fast fast focusing in lens driven lens attached.

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