Educate me on Pentax

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Re: Educate me on Pentax

Parks71a wrote:

Wow, some great info here, thank you to all that replied. I'm very impressed with the water sealing! I do a lot of long backpacking trips and hiking so I wanted something sealed decent. I didn't expect it to be that good!

fast auto focus doesn't matter to me. I don't shoot birds or moving kids. I shoot mostly landscapes or posed photos in the elements. I didn't realize they were using Sony sensors either.

I think I might buy into this system. So much bang for the buck! The K1 looks like a hell of a lot of camera for much less than the D810 and it's got real weather sealing!

Speaking as a backpacker and hiker myself:

Since weight is such a concern on long backpacking trips, I wonder why you wouldn't prefer a crop-sensor camera, and its lighter lenses instead of the K-1. For backpacking photos, the image quality from the lighter-weight Pentax K-5 II and K-3 (II) cameras leaves nothing to be desired, IMO, and they are also fully weather-sealed and full-featured. Have look at how tiny and lightweight the Limited DA prime lenses are: 15 mm, 21 mm, 40 mm, and 70 mm are great options for this use case. The DA 35 Limited macro and the 100 WR macro are also good options. (And only one 49 mm polarising filter would be needed to cover all of these lenses.) The DA 20-40 Limited is another option if you would like to use a zoom lens; or the DA 16-85.

I hope that this helps to educate you about Pentax!

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