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pixelsmithy wrote:

I'll try not to repeat answers you have already been given, but I've owned Pentax DSLRs since late summer of 2008. I've never regretted going with Pentax and with their innovations they just keep getting better and better. I've now got a K-3 II.

Possibly like you, I originally thought that Canon or Nikon were the "only choices". Then I saw a positive review of the Pentax in MacUser magazine (of all places). I started comparing features and quickly saw that I got a lot more "bang for the buck" with Pentax. Here's what I especially liked:
Not being wealthy, I liked that I could use inexpensive manual focus lenses (and previous generation autofocus lenses) on the Pentax because they maintained backwards mount compatibility (mount AND flange to film/sensor distance: SMART). (Two bargain "must have" lenses, IMHO are the Pentax-F 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 (with close focus capability) and the Pentax-F 70-210mm f/4-5.6. Nice compact designs and you can probably buy BOTH lenses on the used market for well under $150. They are from the full frame film era, so they will cover the full frame sensor in the K-1. (Expect the prices on those lenses to start going up once the K-1 is shipping).

Secondly, I loved the in-body shake reduction. That means I get image stabilization with EVERY lens I stick on the front, even a vintage Takumar screwmount lens (with the screwmount to K adapter). Why pay more for image stabilization over and over inside each lens?

Thirdly, I loved that Pentax uses a magnesium subframe. The cameras did not feel like plastic toys. Great ergonomics and feels like a "real camera".

Fourth, I loved that Pentax used weather and dust sealing (which you can also find in their WR-designated (weather resistant) lenses. Google the soldier's video in Iraq/Afghanistan burying his nice Pentax in the desert sand and then washing it off in the shower, if you think that is a joke.

Today, I would add the incredible innovations that Pentax has made like the built-in Astrotrack and GPS, the Pixel Shift Resolution mode, and the use of the shake reduction system to act as an AA filter (if/when you need it). If you don't, you've got the benefit of no AA filter for sharpness. THESE features are available on NO OTHER BRAND.

All of this would mean nothing if Pentax didn't deliver great image quality, but it does. Since they switched to Sony sensors, they get better quality out of them than Sony engineers do.

Few people have actually gotten to see or shoot with a K-1 yet, but it won't surprise anyone if it is ever bit as awesome as its specs sound. The built-in Wi-Fi is new for Pentax users and I know quite a few are looking forward to tethering.

If you want some SUPER lenses, don't forget to check out the Pentax Limited line. Small/lightweight and superb is a winning combination.

Hope this helps!

Do the 2 must have lenses u recommend have auto focus or are they Manuel? What wide angle options are good? Manuel focus would be fine for wide angle

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