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Re: Educate me on Pentax

Parks71a wrote:

I am researching a new system and I accidentally came across Pentax. I know a lot about Sony, Nikon, and canon. The specs of the k3 and features appear to be much better than the other systems.

They are.

Here's some questions.

what mount is for the k3? So I can research lenses.

what mount for the K1?

As already mentioned, they both use the decades-old K-mount. This is fantastic as there are so many old legacy lenses out there that can keep you shooting while you save up for the latest and greatest glass.

how well does the astrotracer work?

There are a few reviews and samples online, and a discussion here:

how good is the weather seal? Can I shoot in the rain or snow?

These two videos should pretty much answer that:

cost of lenses vs Nikon and canon?

Generally about the same, though sometimes they are quite a bit cheaper for equivalent lenses such as the "nifty 50."

3rd party support for either mount?

I expect this will grow again, but it's not terrible now.

why are these cameras so inexpensive compared to competitors?

I feel the big three all tend to inflate their prices and charge the maximum the market will bear, while Pentax prices a lot more aggressively with their bodies.

any downsides to the two systems u notice from use?

Some people complain about the continuous AF performance, but I never felt it was a problem with the K-3. It was even able to keep up with my toddler running towards me in a very poorly-lit room when I was doing my original tests.

The K-1 should be have a noticeable improvement with its new SAFOX chip.

i know I can and I will research a lot of this but I feel the best feedback is from real users so thanks for any input!!

Hope this was helpful.


Image quality sample from K-3

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