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Re: Educate me on Pentax

Parks71a wrote:

I am researching a new system and I accidentally came across Pentax. I know a lot about Sony, Nikon, and canon. The specs of the k3 and features appear to be much better than the other systems. Here's some questions.

what mount is for the k3? So I can research lenses.

what mount for the K1?

K3 and K1 are both K mount.

how well does the astrotracer work?

Works well, check reviews though.  It comes built in on K-1 and K-3ii, not on K-3 though (though you can mount an external unit on the hot shoe of k-3)

how good is the weather seal? Can I shoot in the rain or snow?

Great! Absolutely.  I actually ski with a K-5iis + DA18-135 WR attached to my shoulder strap of my backpack, completely exposed, while snowing like crazy... no problems.  I also frequently pour clean water of my camera while in the field to wash off any dust, saltwater, etc..

cost of lenses vs Nikon and canon?

Depends on which lenses

3rd party support for either mount?

Decent but clearly not the same level as Canikon

why are these cameras so inexpensive compared to competitors?

They advertise less? Don't sell as well? Probably many reasons.

any downsides to the two systems u notice from use?

None from my point of view, but I'm not a true sports photographer, and I'm certainly not professional.

i know I can and I will research a lot of this but I feel the best feedback is from real users so thanks for any input!!

You mentioned the k-3 above; just be aware that the K-3ii may be better suited for you if you want the astrotracer functionality.  If onboard flash is more important to you, stick to k-3; if GPS is more important then look at K-3ii.

I've been shooting with the Pentax system since 2007, never once regretted my decision.  For me the ergonomics are unmatched by any brand.  That is of course a personal choice though.

Good luck with your decision!

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