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Parks71a wrote:

I am researching a new system and I accidentally came across Pentax. I know a lot about Sony, Nikon, and canon. The specs of the k3 and features appear to be much better than the other systems. Here's some questions.

what mount is for the k3? So I can research lenses.

K-mount, Any Pentax or third party K-mount lens will go on this camera. Also M42 with adapter, Even the ancient M37 with adapter, Pentax 645 and 6x7 lenses also with adapters... All adapted will allow for stop-down metering, catch in focus (some may require minor tricks for this), All will allow for SR

what mount for the K1?


how well does the astrotracer work?

As far as i know, no complaints

how good is the weather seal? Can I shoot in the rain or snow?

Good and yes, it may not survive a full dunk in a lake

cost of lenses vs Nikon and canon?

Sometimes more sometimes less

3rd party support for either mount?

Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Samyang, Laowa(Venus), Mitakon and dozens of others over the ages, not all lenses from each manufacturer is offered

why are these cameras so inexpensive compared to competitors?

To be competitive, they're late to the FF market and don't have a huge market share so they've got to do something to keep people buying their stuff

any downsides to the two systems u notice from use?

Its weakest point may be that the AF is not quite as good as the big 2 (C & N) however despite what some might say its very far from bad, its just not spectacular.

i know I can and I will research a lot of this but I feel the best feedback is from real users so thanks for any input!!

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