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Re: Educate me on Pentax

Parks71a wrote:

I am researching a new system and I accidentally came across Pentax. I know a lot about Sony, Nikon, and canon. The specs of the k3 and features appear to be much better than the other systems. Here's some questions.

Dear Parks 71a

I'll try to give you a few answers - but I can't anywer everything.

what mount is for the k3? So I can research lenses.

what mount for the K1?

The mount of K3 and K1 is the same - you can use all lenses of both of the cameras - but some lenses with limitations:

The first generation of K-lenses (K and M generation) both have no electric contacts - thus, you can't adjust the aperture by the camera - but you can use them in M mode and press a green button on the back of the camera to adjust the measuring of actual aperture and adjustment of correct exposure time. It is an extras step, but it works well.

The A generation lenses have the eletric contacts to so you can use all modes of the camera to control exposure times and aperture.

The first three generations I was talking about so far did not have AF - but there is an option to use a focus trap to trigger the shutter if camera system detects a sharp structure by its AF system.

The next generations of lenses all have AF - and you can use them including a propper working of the AF system for any of the new cameras. The first generations have a mechancial screwdrive AF which works fast and exactly - but for most models the AF system is loud.

The newest lenses have a silent and fast motor.

You find a good overview here:

If you decide for K1 there a few lenses you can use with this camera only with a cropped sensor as they were designed for APS-C.

how well does the astrotracer work?

Don't know - no expriences.

how good is the weather seal? Can I shoot in the rain or snow?

Weather sealing is no problem for snow and rain - there are some video clips where tha capability of the system is tested. But it is no camera you should use below the water (diving). I remember a case where someone was on a tour and his K5 with a canoe and water was poured over the camera frequently - after his tirp there was water inside the camera.

cost of lenses vs Nikon and canon?

You can check on your own (e.g. at I former times the Pentax system was less expensive compared to Canon or Nikon - now the lenses are regarding the price nearly the same (maybe a little cheaper) - but keep in mind that many Pentax lenses are weather sealed which is a costly feature.

3rd party support for either mount?

There are many lenses from 3rd party companies for Pentax even though the list is not as long as for Canon or Nikon. But my experience (I have a lot of Sigma lenses) is that these lenses work fine on Pentax cameras. I read about problems with other camera systems and third party lenses - anf from this background information the Pentax camera maybe support the third party lenses better than the bodies of other companies. The recognition of the correct EXIF information is sometimes not so good (my experience with Sigma lenses).

why are these cameras so inexpensive compared to competitors?

Pentax always was a fair brand with a good price/performance relation - and I am happy that Ricoh did not change this.

any downsides to the two systems u notice from use?

I don't have experience with Canon or Nikon. Each camera has its strength and also weak aspects. You will find more lenses for Canon and Nikon. Canon may have a better AF system and Nikon has a very good flash system.

i know I can and I will research a lot of this but I feel the best feedback is from real users so thanks for any input!!

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