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Re: Educate me on Pentax

Parks71a wrote:

I am researching a new system and I accidentally came across Pentax. I know a lot about Sony, Nikon, and canon. The specs of the k3 and features appear to be much better than the other systems. Here's some questions.

what mount is for the k3? So I can research lenses.

what mount for the K1?

Both K-3 and K-1 use the same K-mount. Actually all (beyond 645 and Q) Pentax bodies use K mount. So if you find 35 year old lenses in a second hand shop, they will mount and function on your brand new K-1 (or a K-3 for that matter)

how well does the astrotracer work?

Best to google some reviews and see the results of people using it.

how good is the weather seal? Can I shoot in the rain or snow?

With a WR lens sure. A lens with AW or DA* have better sealing though. I've taken a WR lens on a K-5II out in the middle of an ice storm.. it had ice coating the whole camera and didn't have any issues (except on/off switch got a little stiff).

cost of lenses vs Nikon and canon?

about the same, sadly.

3rd party support for either mount?

minimal at the moment but it is there. Go to b&h and search for K-mount lenses.

why are these cameras so inexpensive compared to competitors?

Pentax as a brand tends to aim for best bang for the buck. Smaller market too. Less marketing. Canikony tend to inflate prices because there is more demand there.

any downsides to the two systems u notice from use?

what two systems? APS-C vs FF? Both use the same mount with Pentax.

DA = APS-C (but some might have a FF circle or stop down to minimize vignetting)

F,FA,D-FA = Full frame autofocus

A = Full frame, manual focus, auto exposure

M,K = Full frame, manual focus, manual exposure

on the old M and K lenses, use the green button to meter. But since the SR is in-body they are stabilized lenses.

i know I can and I will research a lot of this but I feel the best feedback is from real users so thanks for any input!!

no worries! But really the best way to research some of this is to look at the quality of the results (such as the astrotracer). What I might say is great and amazing someone else might say is poor and lackluster.

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