Sony A7 w Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm 1.4

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vratnik wrote:

As a former Fuji user, i was not too impressed by Sony A7II image output. Images were not that sharp (despite higher res) on Sony as they were on Fuji. After getting the Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm f/1.4, i found out that the problem was Sony's 28-70 sh!t kit lens. Upon having stopped the rokkor's aperture to 4-5, the image quality is absolutely INSANE, ultra-sharp across entire frame, no optical issues, no fringing, glowing, CA, nothing. A bit of distortion, but DON'T FIX THAT IN POSTPROCESS or you lose some sharpness. Never fix distortion unless it's really necessary. When shooting with fully open 1.4 aperture, images are a bit soft, but not defocused: they are kind of foggy, like applying a "soft focus" effect in those mobile apps for selfies. The colors are noticably warmer and more saturated on this aperture, but I like this look, it's very appealing, beautiful. Bright parts are a little "glowing", like a "glamour glow" filter. Absolutely gorgeous lens for portraits or where critical sharpness is needed. I remember the same sharpness from Canon 50mm 1.8 @f4.5-8 (used on 5dII) or Fuji 35 1.4 @f4-8.

To sum up: I am never again using Sony lenses, their quality is a total crap. Selling immediately.

So you revive a two year old thread for such a dumb statement?  Have you been living under a rock and missed all the awesome Sony glass currently a available?

Gotta love clueless posters....

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