Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

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Re: Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

Drplusplus wrote:

On a related macro topic: since the DL has a lens of similar range to the one in the LX7, I wonder if the DL macro, like that of the LX7 , is only achieved at the 24mm focal length and with the lens more or less pressed right up against the subject?

If so, this means that while you can still claim 1:1, it's not as usable as a macro that has some standoff distance. I recall using the LX7 it was all too easy to throw shadows on the subject because you had to be very close. But it was still a nice feature...

That used to be a common problem with zoom lenses, so it will be interesting  to see, well It won't really as I have no interest in buying a DL, but for those that do it will.

Although, we will have to wait for the reviews, Nikon do seem to have put  a lot if thought into the DLs, so it might be available throughout the zoom range.



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