Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

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Re: Conjecture on Nikon DL and One

Jose Wayne wrote:

myotisone wrote:

Jose Wayne wrote:

myotisone wrote:

How does that work?

It is 1:1 in FX after you enlarge the CX's 1:0.37.

That seems a bit bizarre, way of thinking about things. 1:1 is achieved when the lens is extended by twice its focal length (i know its not as simple as that with complex lenses).

Can't see how the sensor size has anything to do with it. Smaller sensors just mean you can fill the frame at a lower magnification, but then it isn't 1:1.

If you photograph a ruler on FX at 1:1 then shrink it to CX size, the ruler is no longer at the same scale.

Nikon is quoting 1:0.37 in real terms and 1:1 in FX terms for the DL 24-85.

I think this is too difficult for me

So they are just talking about what ever magnification is needed to fill the frame.

So what would fill a 36 x24 frame at 1:1 only needs 1:0.37 magnification to fill the frame of a  1" sensor.

Not what I would expect if I saw a lens labelled with 1:1 capability, I would do it the other way round and think about how much tighter a crop I would get with the 1" sensor.  But I assume that Nikon state this "FX equivalent" in the advertising blurb.

Assuming I now have it right, thanks for clearing up my confusion.



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